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With an eye for perfection, Mia’s philosophy has always been to pay close attention to the smallest detail. Mia believes in listening to her clients and helping them achieve their goals for an immaculate event! She recognizes that only through detailed communication, can the goals of her clients be met. She possess a deep PASSION for planning events and works tirelessly to ensure her clients are completely and utterly satisfied.


There is nothing more that she LOVES than seeing a client's vision come to reality! With flawless precision and an obsessive desire to get things absolutely right; she has earned a reputation for unparalleled excellence as an event designer. Mia truly takes pride in her meticulous attention to detail!


Mia’s depth of knowledge is invaluable! She works to understand her clients’ wants and needs, and blends their unique style and personality with her creative design. The end result ~ an immaculate and signature affair for each client that exceeds their expectations.

Favorite Shoe: The "So Kate". It's just so simple yet timeless! 

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