June 20, 2015

All in Heels, a name synonymous with who we are! Two All-Time girly girls, who LOVE and enjoy all aspects of planning & designing events… And of course, all things glitz & glam!


5 things to know…”About our Heels”……Q&A!

  • How did All in Heels come into existence? A social outing, at of all things, a baseball game; go figure!! We clicked, we shared similar entrepreneurial aspirations, it worked, and AiH became a reality!! Our name? SIMPLE… A shared love for Heels! It was really a no brainer when Mia suggested the name…It stuck, it made sense…After all, we are ALWAYS……in Heels!


  • Who we are ~ The Dream Team!!

    • Mia ~ The business savvy, eagle-eyed perfectionist, who pays close attention to detail! Creative is an understatement; she is able to read a client’s vision within seconds of meeting!

    • Roxanne ~ I am what most would consider the “fixer”, the people’s person who is able to communicate tactfully. Creatively, I’m considered the stylist, fashion & organizationally oriented! 

Mia & I have completely different personalities, we are what most consider Ying & Yang, in every sense of the term! We both have spunky personalities, though I tend to be more on the reserved side, while Mia is able to capture a crowd’s attention! Definitely NOT my strong suite!


  • Why blog? AGAIN, no brainer!!! This is where we will share our most recent work, upcoming events in addition to offering tips to brides & grooms, and anyone seeking information on planning a myriad of events....We Do it ALL!! We will share details about event planning and design, lifestyle, styling, and much much more!!


  • Why we do, what we do? Ultimately, we enjoy planning and designing events, we get the most pleasure out of seeing our client over-the-moon happy with the outcome of the special event they have dreamed of! Planning events, no matter how big or small, is truly a joy for us both!! For us, it’s ALL in the details...


  • How can we be reached? Inquiries can be forwarded to  info@AllinHeels.com . We welcome & value your feedback; good, bad or indifferent! After all, it is your feedback that will help us grow & further hone our craft!


Additionally, you can find us on Instagram @AllinHeels


We can’t wait to share much more with you………#AllinHeels!




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[P] 202.643.3191   [E] info@allinheels.com

Transforming your dreams into reality, All in Heels!


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